2K VIEWS ON 2K15!!



First of all, I have no idea that my blog finally hit 2,000+ views! [self-clapping]. But, just to make sure, did you guys have a lot of free time or something?

It’s a big achievement for me since I am not a self-published (is this a term?) person. Means, I rarely self-promoting my blog aggressively because, I feel shy every time I saw people read my blog right IN FRONT OF ME. Like, really. Apart from my emotional-writings, I am happy that there are people who enjoy the same thing as me – movie and music, and willing to spare their time to read my perspectives about it.

So, I have a new format for my review – cringe every time reading my old posts lol. I also have a lot of #MUVICTION drafts. And I’m trying to write about my daily life in here – so it’s not just about a review. Let’s see how good the statistic is.

I am working on all of these right now, but since I also have to divide my focus on thesis, maybe I will postpone some of it.

Thank you so much for putting enough attention by marrying your fiction on this blog!


Sincerely, A.