CASHLESS SOCIETY: Selamat Tinggal Uang Tunai?


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HOW TO BE: A Selebgram

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2K VIEWS ON 2K15!!



First of all, I have no idea that my blog finally hit 2,000+ views! [self-clapping]. But, just to make sure, did you guys have a lot of free time or something?

It’s a big achievement for me since I am not a self-published (is this a term?) person. Means, I rarely self-promoting my blog aggressively because, I feel shy every time I saw people read my blog right IN FRONT OF ME. Like, really. Apart from my emotional-writings, I am happy that there are people who enjoy the same thing as me – movie and music, and willing to spare their time to read my perspectives about it.

So, I have a new format for my review – cringe every time reading my old posts lol. I also have a lot of #MUVICTION drafts. And I’m trying to write about my daily life in here – so it’s not just about a review. Let’s see how good the statistic is.

I am working on all of these right now, but since I also have to divide my focus on thesis, maybe I will postpone some of it.

Thank you so much for putting enough attention by marrying your fiction on this blog!


Sincerely, A.

Hope is.

Hope, is very addictive.

Hope, is like a drug.

You feel so empty when it runs out.

You want it more and more.


Make you to put yourself in an uncertain situation.

Make you to create your own life story.

Questioning every possibilities.

Without considering realities around you.


You might not realize.

It could tear you apart.

Sometimes it gives you a false idea.

About how your future looks like.

So, it’s all yours.

Whether you want to get rid of it or not.

And you have a decision to make.

Make it count.