The Author:

Some flash facts about the writer (in case you’re being curious):

  • Hi! Name is Amel; or Jandro, under some circumstances
  • UPDATE: Officially a Bachelor of Sociology
  • Backstory: Made this blog because of my interest in films, music, or other creative matters
  • Of course as a personal blog, sometimes I also like to write personal things here
  • On free time, I either watch films, series, listen to music, just daydreaming, also maintaining my social life
  • All-time favorite director: David Fincher

The Blog:


Practically, I took the name from two songs by two of my favorite musicians: Lady Gaga and Avenged Sevenfold. Guess what is who.

Philosophically, I kinda have some thoughts that this blog could be related to myself. How I wish to re-create my own life, in order to be happy. Because reality is not as nice as I think. Personally, fiction is the best form of happiness so far I can get.

So there’s that..