The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

I am no expert with any kind of blogging stuff, though I already ‘reincarnated’ this blog by writing some content – mostly reviews. Not a lot of differences were made, to be honest.

Then, I got a comment notification from one blogger I just knew, Paskalis Damar – I guess he’s pretty well-known among other bloggers, nominate me for “The Sunshine Blogger Awards”. Based on little research I did, this award is a chain-letter project designed to honor the bloggers that inspiring and bring the most sunshine into our lives.

I was pretty surprised since this is the first time for me – lol, and I really want to thank him for that, such an honour!

Oh, and by the way, you guys should check his blog here. His movie references are awesome!

Now let me put the main rules of this award here:

  1. Post the award on your blog.
  2. Thank the person who nominated you. (thank you Paskalis!)
  3. Answer the 11 questions they set you.
  4. Pick another 11 bloggers. (and let them know they are nominated)
  5. Set them 11 questions.

So, here’s my answer to the questions set by Paskalis // Sinekdoks:

1- When was the last time you guys reading something for real? If reading an article doesn’t count.. the answer is weeks ago.

2- Which one is getting overrated: novel adaptation or comic book adaptation? Well, I ain’t no comic lover and I barely read novel. But seeing so many comic book adaptation brought to the screen (both tv series and movie) based on DC and Marvel characters, then I guess it’s the second one.

3- If you should adapt a novel or a comic book to be a movie, which title would you pick? The Street Lawyer by John Grisham!

4- And who would you set to direct and star? Director: David Fincher. Because we all know he is the expert when it comes to thriller or anything suspense. Choosing a star is a hard one.. but I go with Jake Gyllenhaal since he is the only actor that I really adore and match to play with any genre.

5- When was the last time you cried while watching movie? I think months ago? Thanks to “Inside Out”.

6- When was the last time you got a real guilty pleasure? Exactly a week ago. Person-related guilty pleasure lol.

7- What concert did you last see? Bigbang, 2012. When I was really in love with K-Pop.

8- What’s your feel-good song? Fairytales by Sara Bareilles!

9- What song reminds you to your last heartbreak? Papercut by Zedd. I know it’s a dance song, but it sounds very melancholic to me.

10- Tough one, Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars? Easy. Of course Star Wars ftw!

11- Help me settling this Oscar dispute, Boyhood or BirdmanBirdman. For me it’s more phenomenal and better than Boyhood, though both of these are Oscar-worthy.

Phew! done with answers. Now I gotta pick another bloggers.

Leaving five empty spots, because I don’t have that many blogger friends.

Let’s making 11 questions for them..

  1. What is the last movie you have watched?
  2. Based on the answer #1, tell me the reason why you choose to watch that movie?
  3. Talking about awards, choose one: to watch The Academy/Oscars or Grammy?
  4. Give me your “Top 5” actors and/or actresses!
  5. Make a playlist of songs you listen when you are heartbroken!
  6. What is the last book you’ve read? Any kind of book works.
  7. Based on the answer #6, choose one sentence from the book that really grabs your attention/interesting!
  8. If you could travel around the world, name a place you want to visit!
  9. Which one would you choose: the ability to go back to 5 years ago, or go forward to your future 5 years later?
  10. Post your inspirational quote(s) you got from any movie!
  11. Last, watching a movie via streaming or download/torrent? (Ignore the speed of your internet connection)

You can nominate other bloggers by passing it to them – I’m really thanking you for that, or just answer these questions on my comment section. But it’s better to pass it on, believe me..

Good luck!



  1. Hi Amelia! Thanks for passing on the torch 🙂
    Here’s my clarification lol. I love reading blogs I have just discovered; yours are in-style of my reading and certainly deserve a nod therefore I nominate you! Blogathon’s nice, right?

    I love your take on novel adaptation, but David Fincher? He’s adapting too many by now tbh :p
    Love your music picks as well. Could guess what kind of person you are 😀
    Exciting answers to read! Sorry for being kepo ya :)) but that person-related guilty pleasure and KPop gonzo there hit me right on my stomach rofl

    Anyway, don’t forget to notify those bloggers you nominate 😉 See you on other blogathons!


  2. Hi Paskalis!

    Hahaha thanks for your clarification! I’m glad my blog at least grabbed someone’s attention :p about blogathon, aku rasa blogging masih jadi sesuatu yg banyak dilakukan orang ya? I think I need to thank the internet and Twitter.

    Sejujurnya aku pilih Fincher straightly because he’s one of my favorite director lol. Until you said he’s adapting too many, baru lah nyeletuk “Oh iya ya!”.

    Once again, thanks for introduced me to this award, it’s really a fun thing to do!




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