Review Album: CRUSH

After such a long time finally I am able to write a review again. This time it will be an album from one of my favorite K-Pop stars, 2NE1 and their newest album named CRUSH.



Genre: Electropop, Korean Pop | Total Tracks: 10 | Label: YG Entertainment

2NE1 is girl group consist of four people (CL, Bom, Dara and Minzy), start their debut on 2009 with CL as a leader – since YG Entertainment never choose a leader based on who is the eldest – and their first debut song was “Fire”. What makes 2NE1 different from any other girl group is that they are outstanding, the concept of their music style and the girl group itself is far from feminine look-like. After spending about three years since their last EP and also released four singles (I Love You, Falling in Love, Do You Love Me, Missing You) now they are back with a studio album filled with 10 songs that I will explain later. It takes two years for 2NE1 to finished “CRUSH” and they successfully made it – because Korea charts never  lied. “CRUSH” even entered Billboard Top 200 (#61) for its uniqueness. I can safely say this album is a worth-waited album.

1. CRUSH – 3:14

Has the same title with the album, starts with a middle-east feeling along with CL’s rap and the voice from other member, the beat is somehow excite you to jumps from your seat and begin to dance. My favorite lyrics from this song:

They love me ‘cause I’m hot

They love me ‘cause I’m cold

They love me ‘cause I’m real

They love me ‘cause I kill

Though this song is beat you up, I kinda dislike just because there are too much elements in this song, means if you listen to it repeatedly, will make you dizzy. Apart from that, it’s suitable enough to put this song on the first list. Crush used to be release as the first single but it got cancelled since “Come Back Home” gained more popularity and love from fans.

2. COME BACK HOME – 3:50

Come Back Home serves us with its reggae tunes, like what I’ve said before, since this song has gained more love so YG Entertainment choose “Come Back Home” as CRUSH’s first single. They also released the M/V with futuristic concept – not here for explaining the M/V. Even at my first listening, this song is catchy. Not forgetting that Dara has improved her vocal and she proves it in this song. 2NE1 will always make a great success for mixing reggae and pop tunes. Standing applause!

3. GOTTA BE YOU ( 아님 안돼) – 3:52

Love this song, but I heard too much G-Dragon tunes in this song. The over-tuned voice in the beginning, the Baauer tunes that GD used in his Coup D’Etat song. Seems like CL dominating this song because I heard too many rap parts. It’s not that I dislike her – I love her to death – but the other member presence turns out to be weak. I’m just happy because this song is cheerful, and I hope the lyrics too..

4. IF I WERE YOU (살아 봤으면 ) – 3:30

Finally! A melancholy song! Dara’s voice just shaking me, and this is the reason why Teddy is my favorite Korean producer. To make a good song you also have to think the placement of member’s voice. Since Teddy knows all the voice character of 2NE1 perfectly, it’s no doubt he will make you goose bumps by placing the composition between the song and girls’ voice correctly. The violin which is match perfectly with the piano, I just hope 2NE1 will bring this song to the stage acoustically.

5. GOOD TO YOU (착한 여자) – 3:41

Another melancholy song begins with a piano, the vocals? I just put my interest with Dara’s melancholy voice was really soft and calm. Also, along this track really sounds like this song will refresh your heart and mind, though the lyrics are kind of heartbreaking. G-Dragon’s participation as a producer for this song – thankfully – not ruined the song. One thing: the rhythm was too monotonic.

6. MTBD (멘붕– CL (Solo) – 3:16

THIS IS IT! CL solo was really dope! Throughout this song you can sense her bad-ass feeling. The beat, the rhythm, the provocative lyrics and this song was produced and written by herself, absolutely not a disappointment. I can spend my time listening this while running and dancing on the street. This song really describes CL’s identity.

7. HAPPY – 3:37

The second single from this album, YG Entertainment also released the M/V and got a lot of positive responds. Such a cheerful tunes, but the lyric tells about a girl leaving a man and hope he is happy even without someone he used to be with before. Though the girl was not happy but she’s still wishing him happy. Apart from the lyrics – since I’m not Korean – this song is really my jam. Still as a girl group I think they need to make a feminine song, maybe this song is the answer.


Used to hear this in Japan version, so it’s like a re-released song to me. Kind of generic K-Pop song to me because the component is just so-so, or maybe because I used to hear this song often before. Really good, but way too complex.

9. BABY I MISS YOU – 3:12

Sensual. The first thing I can imagine while listening to this song.  And yes, when you miss someone that you love it must be a sensual thing. CL’s rap match with the tempo, I guess they put the beat so that this song is not too melancholic. Don’t forget with CL’s poem in the middle which make it sexier.


I thank 2NE1 and YG Entertainment for releasing the unplugged version. The guitar tune and their voice will make you scream because it was uh-mah-zeeng! At first I can’t say the difference between CL and Dara’s voice, but whatever, the chills that running through your blood will unconsciously make you cry. Feeling gloomy? I recommend you this song play “on repeat”. Don’t blame me on how many tissues you have used to erase your sadness, just blame 2NE1 by write a letter to them.

Even though I rarely say about the girls’ voice personality, you can feel that their voice have the uniqueness and different character with each other. Basically they are a musician so of course without a question their voice are amazing. Blackjacks 2 years of waiting are literally paid off. YG Entertainment definitely pulls their artists to make something different but still catchy and not yawnful. There’s a reason of why 2NE1 will never be same with any other girl groups.. this album is just one of the reason.



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